david su

creates things.

Hi! I'm a musician, game developer, and researcher. Currently I am with the Opera of the Future group at the MIT Media Lab.

I recently wrote and developed Yi and the Thousand Moons, a short video game musical featuring a full cast and live band.

I also make music with Dominique Star and Morningsiders. Previously I was involved with Sunhouse, Amper Music, and Dances.

Here are a few projects of mine (more projects here):
Yi and the Thousand Moons - a short video game musical
Runaway Reverie - an interactive song and 3D platformer game
AMAI (with Yan Liu) - adaptive music for affect improvement
Fibonacci Stretch - stretching audio along the Fibonacci sequence
Dedications - an album of personalized songs
Geneva - an interactive tweet sonification using genetic algorithms
meSing.js - a JavaScript singing synthesizer
Banff Blues - a jazz rhythm+form exploration tool inspired by my time at Banff
Sync Etudes - rhythm synchronization mini-games

Some videos of me performing:
Steps - live at Sofar Sounds with audience participation via smartphone
Morningsiders - Audiotree Live - 6-song broadcast from Chicago
Dances - Rat! - music video with some nice drum-syncing
Drum Set/Google Chrome improvisation - using 4tr4k

My work has been featured in:
Rolling Stone, Hacker News (front page), International Computer Music Conference, Gamasutra, New York Times (with Conrad Tao's SRIRACHA), A.V. Club (with Dances), Stereogum (with Dances), VICE/Noisey (with Dances), Earmilk (with Morningsiders), Siliconera, The Overpowered Noobs, TechRaptor, DarkZero, Columbia Spectator

If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to email me. I'm also on GitHub, Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud.