david su

creates things.

Hi! I'm a musician and game developer.

Currently I am working on Yi and the Thousand Moons, my debut video game musical.

I also make music with Dominique Star and do audio software engineering for Sunhouse. Previously I was involved with Morningsiders, Amper Music, and Dances.

Here are some things I've made:
Runaway Reverie - an interactive song and 3D platformer game
Dedications - an album of personalized songs
Chess123 - a local multiplayer minimalist music toy
Geneva - an interactive tweet sonification using genetic algorithms
meSing.js - a JavaScript singing synthesizer

Things I am currently in the process of making:
Yi and the Thousand Moons - a video game musical
Sync Etudes - rhythm synchronization mini-games
Fibonacci Stretch - stretching audio along the Fibonacci sequence

Some videos of me performing:
Steps - live at Sofar Sounds New York
Morningsiders - Audiotree Live - 6-song broadcast from Chicago
Dances - Rat! - music video with some nice drum-syncing

My work has been featured in:
Hacker News (front page), International Computer Music Conference, New York Times (with Conrad Tao's SRIRACHA), A.V. Club (with Dances), Stereogum (with Dances), VICE/Noisey (with Dances), Earmilk (with Morningsiders), Columbia Spectator

If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to email me.