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This is a relatively comprehensive list of the projects I've made or had some part in making. Includes video games, audio plugins, film scores, research projects, musical compositions + performances, software, art pieces, and more. Enjoy!

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_starweaver_ (with Megan Carnes, Colorfiction, and Dominique Star) - game about capturing the last songs of dying gods, powered by Dolby Atmos. Coming soon!
Intro to Game Audio - workshop for Playcrafting's Global Game Jam 2022 site, covering some basic principles of game audio. Source code and project files available here
RAVE VST (by the folks at ACIDS at IRCAM) - audio plugin I contributed to that allows for real-time deep-learning-based processing
A Little Game Called Mario (by Izzy Kestrel and more) - open source collective hell game that I contributed to
Wordle Sequencer (with David McFarlane) - turning Wordle results into sequencer patterns
Geometry: Vertex (by Charity EP Jam) - collaboration with Able Gamers that I contributed a track to


One Hand Clapping (by Bad Dream Games) - microphone-based music game I did audio programming for. Out now on Steam, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and more!
Arcade (by Output) - real-time sample playground that I did audio software development on. Check out the Kit Generator feature that I worked on!
Trolls Music Stars (by Thinker-Tinker) - interactive plush-based game I did prototyping work on, featuring DreamWorks' Trolls franchise
Bolide - experimental side-scroller game in the form of an audio plugin
DreamCube (by Local Projects and Harves for Manchester United) - XR game experience and platform that I assisted with audio implementation on
SmartGuitarPedal (by GuitarML) - audio plugin I contributed to that uses neural network models to emulate real world hardware
Dreams: Asleep (by Charity EP Jam) - collaboration with Able Gamers that I contributed a track to


Evergreen Blues (with Dominique Star) - a suite of interactive songs involving real-time lyric choice. 2020 IGF Honorable Mention - Best Student Game
Endzone (with Colorfiction) - NFL + Verizon 5G game I did music and sound design for
JoyBranch (by Rébecca Kleinberger and Gabriel Miller) - interface allowing a hyacinth macaw to control its sonic environment at the San Diego Zoo. Paper in ACM CHI 2020 proceedings
PocketDial - real-time MIDI quantizer for dialing in the pocket of your performances. VST3, AU
Garden Song - skeletal walking sim based on the Phoebe Bridgers song
Esther (by Rebecca Halfon) - a short coming-of-age comedy I contributed music to
Animalese - microtalk for Game Audio LA on how to recreate Animalese. Source code here
▲■● (with Colorfiction) - a painterly interface for audiovisual performance, created for the ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo game jam
Lunar Preludes - algo-impressionist piano musings for the GDC Relief Bundle
DUST (by Charity EP Jam) - collaboration with Able Gamers that I contributed a track to


The Ballad of the Metamorphosis of M. Dolly - a short baa-llad game for Nina Freeman and Josh Squires' Tasting Room Jam: Halloween 2019
Being (by Rashaad Newsome) - a cloud-based AI art installation that I led engineering on. 2019 LACMA Art + Technology Lab
Melodrumatic - audio plugin that lets you use MIDI to pitch-shift via delay to create melodies. ADC 2019 selection
Making it Happen: Creating Their Own Games - GameSoundCon panel that I was a panelist on, discussing how creating games has made me a better audio developer
We All Disappear (with Nathan Griffin) - 3-radio mystery game for Nina Freeman and Josh Squires' Tasting Room Jam: Summer 2019
Horses in the Bad - interactive mashup game of Lil Nas X's Old Town Road with Billie Eilish's bad guy
Pollen (by Morningsiders) - another album we recorded and released
CRSHD (by Emily Cohn) - a film I contributed music to; premiered at Tribeca Film Festival and now available on Hulu!
Bodega (by Rebecca Halfon) - a short film I wrote music for; premiered at SXSW!
Paper Quilts, Migrant Patterns (by Minsoo Thigpen) - a short film I contributed music to; originally debuted on The White Pube
Horrible D'Oeuvres - audio game created with the Bose AR platform
My Bearer and I (with Colorfiction) - a game about healing your giant robot pal; made for the Emotional Mecha Jam
Game Design and Musical Interactivity - a workshop I taught at several schools in Puerto Rico
DeepKnit (by the MIT Media Lab and Shima Seiki) - a machine knitting workshop I took part in


Seasons (季节) (with Dominique Star) - an interactive song/poem for inkJam 2018. 2019 IGF Honorable Mention - Best Student Game
AMAI (with Rosalind Picard and Yan Liu) - adaptive music for affect improvement. ICMC 2018 publication
A Little Lift (by Morningsiders) - 11-song album released over the course of a year
Esperance (with Nick Oueijan) - 2-player co-op game of distance and hope
a collage for charon - interactive sound installations. Exhibited at AREA Gallery and MIT's Dance & Design Making Lab, led by Karole Armitage
Alag Melkhii - digital adaptation of a traditional Mongolian game; prototype for UNESCO
Gammalan - MIR system for neural entrainment to embedded frequencies in recorded music
Mac (by Jessica Gao) - short film that I composed music for
#21DaysOfVGM - challenge in which I composed video game music daily
City Symphonies for the Two Koreas (by Tod Machover) - orchestral performance near the DMZ as part of the Lindenbaum Festival
Ocumo - audience-participatory distributed audio performance at Hacking Arts
Sound Democracy (with Darien Carr, Adam Haar Horowitz, Hane Lee, Owen Trueblood) - spatial mixes for multiple voices at Hacking Arts
Experiments in Art, Audio, and Augmentation - MIT course, taught by Tod Machover and Zach Lieberman, that I co-TA'd with Alexandra Rieger.
Hyperproduction + REAPER Audio Toolkit - custom tools I created to help EAAA students get started with audio experimentation
Intro to DAWs - music production class I taught where we recreated the "HUMBLE." beat. BandLab project session here
Philadelphia Voices (by Tod Machover) - a city symphony that I did some production assistance on
Lintukoto (with Nick Oueijan, Joy Yang, Maggie Zhang) - ecological card game


Yi and the Thousand Moons - a short video game musical featuring a full cast and live band. TIGA 2017 Audio Design finalist, 2017 Bit Awards Best Style winner
Emotionally Intelligent Music Playback (with Hane Lee)
Cue (with Tomas Vega and Vik Parthiban) - contextual audio memory aids
Fibonacci Stretch - stretching audio along the Fibonacci sequence. WIMP 2017 publication
Sync Etudes - rhythm synchronization mini-games based on some research at USC
Groovinator - VST/AU plugin for real-time playhead-aware rhythm modification. 2017 ADC selection
The Other Side - AFI thesis film that I composed music for. 2017 Student Emmy nomination
Moondrops (Live) - excerpt from the Bit Awards performance of a song from Yi


Runaway Reverie - an interactive song and 3D platformer game. 2016 WAC selection
Steps - song with audience participation via smartphone, live at Sofar Sounds
Geneva - an interactive tweet sonification using genetic algorithms.
meSing.js - a JavaScript singing synthesizer. Hacker News front page, 2015 WAC selection
SCATLAVA - software for computer-assisted transcription learning. ICMC 2016 publication.
谁追谁? - composition for solo percussion and laptop. TIES 2016 performance
Audiotree Live (by Morningsiders) - 6-song broadcast from Chicago
Spirit (by Luxley) - dance-pop EP that I played drums on
Evergreen (by The Delegation) - jazz album I contributed electronics to
Brian Emo - personalized soundtrack, algorithmically composed based on facial expression detection


Alchameleon - a game that dynamically generates content from Wikipedia. IBM Watson Hackathon AlchemyAPI winner
Second Floor Blues - interactive lead sheet, for jazzleadsheets.com
Snake Charmer - control a game of snake by playing drums
Air Pollution - a Dumb Store app for receiving air quality index (AQI) via SMS
unfocus (by Morningsiders) - our debut EP
Keep Talking (by Dances) - our debut psych-rock LP
All I Wanna Do Is Sleep (by Dances) - live performance with mobile binaural 3D audio at The Cathedral of Junk (Austin, TX)
NASA: The Search Begins (by Stanford SSI) - score for a short film
Psalm, Interlude, and Passacaglia (by Mark Micchelli) - jazz piece I played drums on
PhysBuzz - physics-based procedural audio first-person-shooter based on the programming puzzle


Dedications - an album of personalized songs
Mujitsu no Hinode - piece for solo hichiriki commissioned by Tonada Productions
4tr4k - performance interface for algorithmic improvisational sequencing
Ada Lovelace Project - soundtrack for a visual novel
Jazz Recording Sessions Around the World - a data visualization
auditchop - an experiment in multitouch synthesis
Famous Birthdayz - a Twitter bot that greets historical figures on their birthdays
Apples and Bananas - Google Chrome extension based on the children's song
Rapper Personality Links - force-directed graph visualization of personality links
Whiter Sands (by Dances) - our debut EP, including the single Rat!
Eastern Seas (by Sun Looks Down) - music video from our EP


Parrot Lunaire - discover classical music using microphone input. Peachnote API Winner - Spotify Music Education Hackathon
Banff Blues - a jazz rhythm+form exploration tool inspired by my time at Banff
... like kites with no strings - composition for Conrad Tao's SRIRACHA
Drum Set/Google Chrome improvisation - using 4tr4k
MIDaS - mobile-music instrument designer and stage. Columbia DevFest 2013 1st prize
Swan Dynasty - composition for quintet, performed by counter)induction
One Eyed King - composition for septet + conductor + web application
Blossomer - web app for algorithmic composition using Markov chains
metro gnome - tempo practice tool; suggests songs by artist, genre, and BPM
etaoin - a text-based generative web instrument
Banff Pieces - some pieces I wrote while at Banff


Chess123 - a local multiplayer minimalist music toy
Flight - a collaborative YouTube music project based on In Bb
Knot Music - mockup for educational app based on Celtic knots
A World Without Thieves (with Carl Majeau and Aidan Miles)
The Rise and Fall of King Kong (with Carl Majeau and Aidan Miles)

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