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This is a relatively comprehensive list of the projects I've made or had some part in making. Includes video games, research projects, musical compositions + performances, art pieces, software, and more. Enjoy!

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AMAI (with Yan Liu) - adaptive music for affect improvement
a collage for charon - interactive sound installations


Yi and the Thousand Moons - a short video game musical
Emotionally Intelligent Music Playback (with Hane Lee)
Cue (with Tomas Vega and Vik Parthiban) - contextual audio memory aids
Fibonacci Stretch - stretching audio along the Fibonacci sequence
Sync Etudes - rhythm synchronization mini-games
Groovinator - VST/AU plugin for real-time playhead-aware rhythm modification


Runaway Reverie - an interactive song and 3D platformer game
Steps - song with audience participation via smartphone, live at Sofar Sounds
Geneva - an interactive tweet sonification using genetic algorithms
meSing.js - a JavaScript singing synthesizer
SCATLAVA - software for computer-assisted transcription learning
谁追谁? (Who is chasing who?) - composition for solo percussion and laptop
Morningsiders - Audiotree Live - 6-song broadcast from Chicago
The Other Side OST - soundtrack for an AFI thesis film
Luxley - Spirit - an EP by Luxley that I played drums on
The Delegation - Evergreen (Canceled World) - jazz album I contributed electronics to


Alchameleon - a game that dynamically generates content from Wikipedia
Second Floor Blues - interactive lead sheet, for jazzleadsheets.com
Snake Charmer - control a game of snake by playing drums
Air Pollution - a Dumb Store app for receiving air quality index (AQI) via SMS
unfocus - an EP written and recorded with Morningsiders
Keep Talking - an LP written and recorded with Dances
NASA: The Search Begins - score for a short film


Dedications - an album of personalized songs
Mujitsu no Hinode - piece for solo hichiriki commissioned by Tonada Productions
4tr4k - performance interface for algorithmic improvisational sequencing
Ada Lovelace Project - soundtrack for a visual novel
Jazz Recording Sessions Around the World - a data visualization
auditchop - an experiment in multitouch synthesis
Famous Birthdayz - a Twitter bot that greets historical figures on their birthdays
Apples and Bananas - Google Chrome extension based on the children's song
Rapper Personality Links - force-directed graph visualization of personality links
Whiter Sands - an EP written and recorded with Dances
Sungaze - an EP written and recorded with Sun Looks Down


Parrot Lunaire - discover classical music using microphone input
Banff Blues - a jazz rhythm+form exploration tool inspired by my time at Banff
... like kites with no strings - composition for Conrad Tao's SRIRACHA
Drum Set/Google Chrome improvisation - using 4tr4k
MIDaS - mobile-music instrument designer and stage
Swan Dynasty - composition for quintet, performed by counter)induction
One Eyed King - composition for septet + conductor + web application
Blossomer - web app for algorithmic composition using Markov chains
metro gnome - tempo practice tool; suggests songs by artist, genre, and BPM
etaoin - a text-based generative web instrument
Banff Pieces - some pieces I wrote while at Banff


Chess123 - a local multiplayer minimalist music toy
Flight - a collaborative YouTube music project based on In Bb
Knot Music - mockup for educational app based on Celtic knots

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